The Basics in Hosting

Most businesses will need a hosting service to launch their website.  You are not tied to the place where you have registered your domain name. A hosting service is paying for server space to load your website files.  After your files are loaded then you would tell the domain name where to look by updating the DNS information where your domain name is registered.

And I've probably lost you from boredom already!  Basically, hosting is one of the most important things in making sure your site is up and running.  I've used quite a few shared hosting providers over the years and they range in price and quality a great deal.  In shopping shared hosting services, you should consider the user interface, support, performance and pricing. 

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Domain Names, urls,

Buying your domain name seems pretty simple on the surface, but there a few things you should keep in mind when shopping.  While there are no limits to the number of domain names you can purchase and forward to your hosted website, you should have a primary domain name that you tie your analytics and marketing.

There are many domain extensions (.com, .net, .hosting) to pick from, if possible the .com is usually something you'll want to own.  With the many new extensions available or waiting to be released, you can pick up some unique options, such as Here's a good link for a listing of the different top level domains.

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