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DIY - Building Your Own Website

DIY - Building Your Own Website

There are a lot of tools available to build your own website.  Perhaps not all created equal but it really will depend on your own needs and skill set. Some things you will want to take into consideration are what components will you need? Does your site need to be portable?  Do you need full control of all aspects of your website?

When talking about website component needs the fewer of these items that are required the easier it will be for you to create a website for your business.  If any of these items are important to your website be sure and confirm that the DIY service you are considering accommodates the components you need.

  • blog
  • forum
  • ecommerce
  • event booking
  • membership management & subscription
  • SSL certificate
  • HIPAA compliance\
  • search engine optimization
  • glossary
  • digital media sales (i.e. ebooks, mp3s, videos, graphics, photos)
  • application acceptance & management
  • multiple languages
  • donation collection
  • mapping features
  • custom database requirements

Since a lot of the services offered for DIY are built on a proprietary system they aren't usually portable to a different hosting provider or service.  This will only matter to you if you spend a great deal of time creating a website on a proprietary service and it does not have the capability to grow with you or if they are not a very stable company.  So you'll need to keep your business vision in mind as you make these decisions.

The following are a few services available ranging in price.  Of the ones I've tried I liked www.wix.com the best.  Here's a link to a wix site I created for Karmic Visions.

If you are looking for a full control experience and want all the flexibility of movement and expansion, then you might want to explore the following CMS options Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal.

You'll probably want to take a few on a test run before you opt for the final platform.  Then before you start setting things up you'll want to decide on the content and layout.  After you have that clarity it's time to start pulling together your content.

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