Stock Resources

It's always a good ideal to protect yourself when using images you didn't create. The following a few website I've run across that have good options.  You'll have to check the terms on each and setup accounts.  Here's a nice article on copyright and using images, "The Ultimate Student Guide to Images".

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Software & Tools for Managing your Content

There are a lot of options when it comes to managing your graphic and photo edits.  I personally embrace the Adobe Creative Cloud service.  I wasn't sure if I'd like it when it first came out but I've grown accustomed to always having the latest versions and truly being able to explore all their products. 

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Online Printing & Product Services

If you are looking to create business cards, flyers, postcards, tri-folds, more, I've listed a few of the services I have used.  For branding/swag type items or if you are an artist looking to sell your designs on different products I've listed a few services for your review.  Most of the different service providers have templates you can download so you can start the layout process pretty easily.

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