Frequently Asked Questions

Website Design

Our turnaround times vary based on the project and client, but websites typically take 6 to 8 weeks. However, your turnaround can be shorter or longer depending on the complexity and size of the project, and our communication.

Yes. As long as you have the necessary logins we can certainly look at making the updates.

We can! We provide on-going support for many of our clients. Check out our Support Packages.

Usually, that is you. You are the expert on your business, so it’s usually best if it comes from you. If you need help, we can have a copywriter help clean up or write original content for you at an additional cost.

A lot! Your input and feedback are crucial to this process. We’ll start with a lot of questions about your needs, your likes, your wants and work with you to develop just the right look and functionality.

Absolutely, 100%, YOU own your website. You are free to and maintain it, you can change it up any way you like, you can move it anywhere you like should you need to — it’s completely yours.

While technically, since I am the creator, the copyrights for the website design belong to me, but by entering in a contract with me, you have permission to use the elements and designs created for your website, whether you continue to work with me or not.

Absolutely! A domain name is vital to your website. A domain name in its simplest form is just an Internet Website address. Just as your house or apartment has its own unique identifying address, so does each and every Website in existence. Choosing the right domain name is key to your website success. Your domain name usually reflects your business. Just as your hosting needs to be renewed, so does your domain registration. Talk to us now to get the best advice in choosing the right domain and making registration easy!

Web hosting is a monthly fee that you pay to have your site physically stored on a web server which makes your site accessible on the Internet. Karmic Visions, LLC is not a hosting company but we can help you through the signing up process and make recommendations as to the best value for money. Often for a small business, the least expensive package is sufficient.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing traffic to a website. There’s not much point having a website if nobody finds it. Search engine optimization means designing a website in the best possible way to be attractive to search engine indexing spiders. All of my websites include a Basic SEO package, which includes submitting your site to Google & Bing, setting up your site in Google Search Console, optimizing on-site SEO with page titles, descriptions, and image ALT text.


I do custom quotes for each project to ensure a price that is fair for both parties depending on the number of deliverables and complexity of the project. Please contact me to get started.

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.

We offer targeted design services for the business in need. Our services include web design, logo design, social media campaigns, and custom design. A full list of our services and prices can be found on our Services page.

Yes. We schedule a free 15-minute initial consultation for all new clients, beyond 15 minutes we bill at our hourly rate.

Yes, absolutely! Depending on my schedule, yes I can provide rush services for your project, however additional fees will most likely apply. Please contact me for details.

Refer a new client and upon completion of their design service, you will receive 10% off of your next design project.*

*Note: 10% discount is applied to projects of $200 or more.

Absolutely! Most of my clients are all over the US, even globally, so distance is not a consideration. As long as you have access to the internet and email, we’re good to go!

We work with a broad range of company types [small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits, business to business, business to consumer and more] across many business industries [technology, food, apparel, health + beauty, camps, travel, finance, arts, fair trade, e-commerce and more.]

Over the years, we've helped businesses improve customer service, market their products, and attract customers. Functionality requests range from basic to advanced. Our team takes the time to get to know your industry, organization, and competitors to ensure your site supports all of your goals.

Drop us an email with your questions.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a design process that combines text and graphics in a way that is intended to communicate a specific message.

Images pulled from the Web are often low-resolution and do not reproduce well on printed pieces. The other consideration is copyright and permission to use that image. If you need to source an image, designers have access to stock libraries where a license can be purchased to use that image.

This is a question that is also often asked by clients, but unfortunately, the answer is no. Designers use specialized professional graphic design software.

A lot! Your input and feedback are crucial to this process. We’ll start with a lot of questions about your needs, your likes, your wants and work with you to develop just the right look and functionality.

A finished project is yours upon receipt of final payment. At your request, we will supply the electronic files (jpeg and png) to you via cloud storage or through e-mail.

Coaching / Consulting

In coaching, the coach is not necessarily a subject expert. The coach asks questions and the client comes up with the solutions. In a consulting relationship, the consultant is expected to have subject expertise and is usually responsible for coming up with the recommended solutions.  However, the client determines how directive they wish for me to be in the coaching process.

All coaching services can be conducted by telephone, so you can be located anywhere within the continental United States.

To assist with skill development, business projects, or other professional, academic, and personal goals.

Typically, there are three types of clients: already in business, just getting started, and the third is someone who has several ideas.

You need a coach if you are needing assistance with organizing your thoughts, creating a practical and effective plan. 

You need a consultant if you are looking for someone to research the technological options needed and to review your operations systems.